Monday, August 27, 2012

Long Time No See..

It seems like it has been forever since I have blogged! I have been really busy I swear! On June 28th we found out we are expecting baby # 2! And we are absolutely ecstatic :) We have been wanting another child for a long time..Our son Anthony is going to be 4 on September 13th so we are pretty happy with the timing! So March 6th could not come fast enough.. My handsome hubby is especially excited because even though he is the perfect Dad to Anthony this will be his first time Dad experience. He met Anthony when he was 8 and a half months old and has just amazed me with what a great dad he has been! I always joke I have yet to find a flaw in this man :) I just love him to death! So with that being said this pregnancy has been pretty nasty so far but hopefully it will look up soon! We are just so blessed!

Another project I have been working on is creating/gathering supplies for care packages to send overseas! I feel very passionately about this subject because quite frankly if you are going to be an Army wife how could you not be active in these sorts of things! I feel it is my duty to not only to be supportive to my husband but the other men and women who sacrifice so much :) It has been an ongoing process so far and I have been absolutely humbled at the response of citizens wanting to donate different items to help my cause..I just feel so incredibly blessed to have people care just like I do, and it is an honor to meet these people and share that with someone else..After awhile it just makes sense to help others in the way that you hope others would help you! I love it! I have been having a great time with this cause and hopefully as my pregnancy progresses I will be able to do much more!

Anyways hope you all had a great Monday!