Sunday, March 9, 2014

One Sweet Sunday...

We had such a sweet Sunday, we started off the day going to mass together! Anthony is turning into such a little gentleman at church, I just love how he acts. Singing when he really doesn't know the words and copying my every move! I wish I would have gotten a picture of the tie he was wearing- blue with little cars on it! I love when he dresses up! Liam promptly fell asleep half way through of course. The best part-being there together as a family, complete finally, listening to God's word.Such a wonderful day :) Here's a few pics.

Sweet boy :)

Easter decor is already up.

I had to have this once I saw it..such a beautiful reminder

After church donuts!

Have a wonderful week :)


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Kitchen Table Makeover!

This last weekend Travis and I  finished a project I have been wanting to do for a whole year!  But throw in a deployment and other life events and there just hasn't been any time! This table was given to us by my grandparents and it's a sturdy little thing! But I knew we could make it look better :) and that's just what we did!
Unfortunately in my mad rush to start this is the only before picture I managed to snap!

And...since we don't pretend to be perfect here is the table top the first go round! Yellowish thank you! After a whole lot more sanding we give you...

This masterpiece!
Flower's Papa Bear got me :)

I still have a little more distressing to do and a couple places to fix but overall we are happy with the outcome!


Baby Bean turned 1!

 This past Wednesday we celebrated Liam's 1st Birthday! First birthday's are probably my favorite one to celebrate, they are just too cute! This year we did a puppy dog theme centered around this really cute fabric I found :) puppies in sweaters! Here are some pictures from the day:

Singing Happy Birthday!

Trying to grab the candle.

Big brother enjoying his cupcake!

His favorite- Banana cake with cream cheese frosting!

Happy Baby!


The most delicious chocolate cake I have ever tasted!

Puppy Chow :)


Too much cuteness for one picture!

Loving his airplane!

Yum :) sent by Grandma and Grandpa

We are looking forward to another year of watching our baby grow! Happy Sunday everybody!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Quiet Tuesdays..

Today I am spending time with my sweet boys, preparing dinner and awaiting the arrival of my other half. It has been somewhat of a lazy day but I sure don't mind :) Right now my boys are rolling around the floor giggling and just have to love little boys! They exhaust us but I am sure they will keep us young (and tired). I love spending my days this way. Here is a peek into our day thus far.
Blowing bubbles.

Finally got his Valentine's up!

In honor of President's Day yesterday... Anthony got a kick out of my Mr. George Washington

Sweet Bean is feeling much better today.

Surprise package from Gramy and Pop Pop included this delicious coffee and homemade soap

We hope your day is just as sweet!


Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Cuties

 Travis and I were able to spend the day together with our boys, the first holiday together in awhile so it was an exceptionally sweet day :) We started off the day with a delicious breakfast made by my handsome hubby! Then it was off to school for Mr. Anthony, except for Travis, Liam and I met up with him at his school for his class Valentine's party! It was so wonderful being around him and his sweet little classmates.They were just too cute for words! They made little heart crafts, cookies decorated in fruit and played games.At the very end they exchanged valentine's, which was absolute chaos but still adorable! After school we took the boys to the Kentucky Science Center and  Children's Museum in Louisville, and they enjoyed all of the different hands on activities there :) Overall it was a wonderful day spent together with our sweet little family!
Heart-shaped pancakes..He knows the way to my heart!


Sweet boy during all the excitement

Action shot of Bean with the cart..He loved that thing!

Picking out "groceries"

Playing in the water room

In the fort Papa Bear built for the boys

Ended the day with heart-shaped cakes!

We hope your day was just as sweet!


Saturday, February 15, 2014

New start to the New Year..

With the new year came the opportunity to be together again, start anew and take our family in a new direction. We have a lot to look forward to in this new year, we are moving from our beloved Kentucky to Colorado in a couple months.  We are so excited! As always we pray for love and guidance every day of this new adventure. We have learned a lot about ourselves and became better partners and parents in the past year.We have high hopes for 2014! :) It is so crazy to think about where we were a year ago!

                                           We brought this perfect little chub into the world!

       And five days later we brought a new little bundle of joy and this furry fella home together!
                                                   They are still never far from each other!

Anthony turned five! 
He is growing and developing his own big personality which I just absolutely adore!
The most exciting part of the year was welcoming the most integral part of our family home after a long time apart! 
My love and other half who I am so lost without  :)

So long for now!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy thoughts on a friday night..

I had every intention of just collapsing into my bed from exhaustion tonight but instead I cleaned my whole kitchen and even unloaded the dishwasher! ha it doesn't take much to make me feel accomplished these days! ;) The boys are just about snoring, we had a busy day today! It was one of those gray, rainy days so we stayed inside most of the day. But it gave us time to play together :)

Tonight has just been one of those nights, I've just been happily going through my pictures and thought I would share some beautiful/cute/funny ones just to make y'all smile! So here we go!

I was inside changing  Liam's diaper and came out to Anthony "helping" me water the flowers we had planted! It went something like this "Mama I watered the flowers!" "You did! Baby thank you!...OHHHH WOW YOU DID!!?!"...while the neighbors watched in amusement..gottta love our independent boy :)

Some pretties from the Louisville Zoo!

I swear this seal was showing off for me I have about thirty pictures of it flipping around and I was loving every second of it!

So adorable :)

I have a tradition of calling any lazy looking animal Travis, so this is "Travis the Bear" ha I don't know I'm weird

We just happen to live in a gorgeous state :) we saw a true fall for the first time and it blew us away!

There is nothing we love more than being outside , he doesn't look so impressed but trust me he was loving it :)

This one enjoys giving me a heart attack climbing high in trees :)
But anyways I hope you all enjoyed this random assortment of pictures! Have a great night! Much love guys! :)