Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Cuties

 Travis and I were able to spend the day together with our boys, the first holiday together in awhile so it was an exceptionally sweet day :) We started off the day with a delicious breakfast made by my handsome hubby! Then it was off to school for Mr. Anthony, except for Travis, Liam and I met up with him at his school for his class Valentine's party! It was so wonderful being around him and his sweet little classmates.They were just too cute for words! They made little heart crafts, cookies decorated in fruit and played games.At the very end they exchanged valentine's, which was absolute chaos but still adorable! After school we took the boys to the Kentucky Science Center and  Children's Museum in Louisville, and they enjoyed all of the different hands on activities there :) Overall it was a wonderful day spent together with our sweet little family!
Heart-shaped pancakes..He knows the way to my heart!


Sweet boy during all the excitement

Action shot of Bean with the cart..He loved that thing!

Picking out "groceries"

Playing in the water room

In the fort Papa Bear built for the boys

Ended the day with heart-shaped cakes!

We hope your day was just as sweet!


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