Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy thoughts on a friday night..

I had every intention of just collapsing into my bed from exhaustion tonight but instead I cleaned my whole kitchen and even unloaded the dishwasher! ha it doesn't take much to make me feel accomplished these days! ;) The boys are just about snoring, we had a busy day today! It was one of those gray, rainy days so we stayed inside most of the day. But it gave us time to play together :)

Tonight has just been one of those nights, I've just been happily going through my pictures and thought I would share some beautiful/cute/funny ones just to make y'all smile! So here we go!

I was inside changing  Liam's diaper and came out to Anthony "helping" me water the flowers we had planted! It went something like this "Mama I watered the flowers!" "You did! Baby thank you!...OHHHH WOW YOU DID!!?!"...while the neighbors watched in amusement..gottta love our independent boy :)

Some pretties from the Louisville Zoo!

I swear this seal was showing off for me I have about thirty pictures of it flipping around and I was loving every second of it!

So adorable :)

I have a tradition of calling any lazy looking animal Travis, so this is "Travis the Bear" ha I don't know I'm weird

We just happen to live in a gorgeous state :) we saw a true fall for the first time and it blew us away!

There is nothing we love more than being outside , he doesn't look so impressed but trust me he was loving it :)

This one enjoys giving me a heart attack climbing high in trees :)
But anyways I hope you all enjoyed this random assortment of pictures! Have a great night! Much love guys! :)

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