Thursday, November 21, 2013

Spreading your wings..

I have talked to so many of my dear friends recently who seem to be having the same problem as I am, that being said I felt compelled to write this. I have given it serious thought and am hoping it will help you all because it sure helped me :) When Travis joined the military from day one I have always been his biggest supporter, no matter what life throws at us I will follow him wherever we may go. When you are a military family this is not an easy thing to do, it means moving away from your loved ones and it completely alters your life. It is really difficult especially if you are like me and are really close to your family :) It is not something I talk about much but for the sake of my family and fellow Army wives I will share my own experience with you! and hopefully it will help somebody :)

This last year has been a roller coaster let me tell you! Travis and I have been separated more than together, and that is hard especially when you are as close as we are. Throw in a rough pregnancy and an energetic four year old AND a huge move and oh my goodness! Honestly it has been rough, but I never dwell on it. Because I always think that Travis has it a lot rougher than I do. Really spending so much time away from your family is such a huge sacrifice I don't know how he does it!

Anyways what I have noticed, as far as my own experience anyways, is that after you have been so close to your family for so long and then you suddenly move away they will naturally struggle with it. That's normal, its a hard pill to swallow when faced with the realization that you wont see those family members very often. Especially when children are involved! I mean its got to be hard for the family members we leave behind, I think sometimes we are so busy looking forward that we don't remember to look at what we leave behind.

Once you realize that the way they are acting is somehow the way that they are coping with that loss, you will feel a huge weight lifted from your shoulders. Because it really is not you, sometimes things get taken out on you and really it is their own struggle. That's ok, as long as you realize the behavior for what it is. Everybody has a right to their own feelings as long as it isn't destructive to another. And hopefully with time they realize that they are the only ones missing out on things and come around :)

It really is hard living your life with the constant burden of people just being downers or somehow trying to guilt you for moving away. You would never know what a struggle this has been for me if you just talk to me everyday because it doesn't affect my everyday life. This is our life and it is something that we hold so dear to our heart. My husband chose  this path and I chose to follow him along it, that is not to say it is easy but it has been our choice. Dealing with the negativity and even the almost jealousy sometimes has been hard I wont lie. But nothing would be harder than Travis and I not being together with our children. Really that is what we need to be happy and as hard as it is dealing with the negative, once you let it go and realize it is not your burden to carry its a wonderful feeling.

We have been more than blessed with family and friends and even though it is a sad struggle for them sometimes, we do love and appreciate them wholeheartedly :) and while this has been hard for them it has been even harder for us. But at the same time we have never felt closer and more in love. Because sometimes distance is a great thing for a marriage :) we have really appreciated the alone time that we get just being our little family here! Privacy is a great thing as well, especially when you are a really private person like myself ;)

Travis hopefully will be headed home soon and we are looking forward to spending some way overdue alone time! We are excited for whatever the next year brings! hopefully baby #3, especially since it will just be us with no interference :) and possibly heading to a new duty station! I really do appreciate that about the Army, maybe it's just me but I love to travel and it doesn't bother me to move. That to me is exciting!

Anyways  in anticipation of the upcoming holiday I have been reflecting on the true meaning of giving thanks  and going over the events of the past year. We have made some huge lifestyle changes and have learned  a few valuable life lessons along the way. We have become even closer to God more than we have been before. Overall it has been a huge year for our family! We are so blessed, really I praise God every day for the health and happiness of my husband and children. That is what is most important in my life, they are my everything and I pour my heart and soul into them. I really relish the fact that I have my own sweet little family, that we can live this life together. Explore the world and enjoy this world together. I love watching my children learn about the world. Maybe that is why I would be the perfect person to teach them about it, I already have the best job in the world just being their mother, but I do love to teach them. It is a passion of mine :) Anyways hope you all have a great night!

                       Have to throw in a picture of my handsome hubby! :) Miss you babe

                                                                   Much Love!

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