Friday, November 15, 2013

Suprise packages on sick days

Both of our kiddos have come down with some kind of bug, so they have been cooped up inside today and probably for the rest of the weekend. We are using this time to play together and look out our big back windows at the gray, gloomy looking day. Most of the trees are bare around us but it is still beautiful. They got a surprise package from their grandparents today, and what a great day to get it! Anthony has not been a happy camper being sick and all! but this brought a smile to his sweet face :)

Russ is excited too! ;)
Little Munchkin

The boys love puppets and when I put on shows for them :) These are a wonderful addition
These big windows are perfect for looking out at the world
This is his mama pick me up face :)
Today is going to consist of brewing some raspberry leaf tea for my sweet boys and homemade chicken soup! Even though he is sick he still picked me these flowers, he is so good to me :)
Life is so sweet these days

He's my little tea baby

We are very blessed to have wonderful grandparents for our children! Thank you all :) Better run Anthony is preparing a picnic for us! Hope you all have a wonderful day! :)



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