Monday, November 11, 2013

The makings of a long weekend...

We had a rather quiet weekend, it was a nice change of pace that's for sure. Anthony had Friday and Monday off school so it was a nice four day weekend! I got a lot accomplished but most importantly got to spend time with my little loves :) We hung out all day, read books, did some light cleaning, went to Bass Pro Shop (Anthony and I's favorite store) here's some pictures from the weekend!

                  Made a few batches of baby food, sweet potato's for my sweet potato baby :)

             Tried out a new recipe for dish soap :) next time I make a batch I may do a tutorial here!

Did a lot of staring at my sleeping offspring...sighhh I wish they would grow slower! ( can you spy his favorite wooden sled to play with or his favorite blanket?)
  Went thrifting and found a few treasures! This rain stick is by far the coolest thing ever! both of them love turning it upside down and listen to that peaceful rain sound! My mom had a full size one when we were growing up and I have good memories of it! Needless to say I'm looking for a full size rain stick ;)

                                                          Sweet Bean and his blankie :)

And lastly tried out this soup recipe and it was amazing! I am a fan of basically anything including bacon ;) and with some hot corn bread wow! and pretty simple to make :) Did I make you hungry?

And also today is veterans day and we are definitely celebrating the  men and women who have fought and currently fight for our freedom! This is such a wonderful day to honor them, I almost feel like we should have more days such as these! I am especially proud of my sweet husband who never ceases to amaze me with his courage and strength. To love us and his country so much to make all of these sacrifices.. he inspires me :) I am so proud of my husband and am counting the days until we are reunited! Hope everybody has a wonderful week :) Much love!

Casie P

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